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Watson Construction Company Inc. is an oilfield service company specializing in pipeline installation and remediation.


About Us

Watson Construction Company Inc. is an oilfield service company specializing in pipeline installation and remediation work. Our office is in Hobbs, NM, with 387+ employees. Our goal is to supply our customers with a safe and quality product. We would like to thank you in advance for considering us as a possible contractor. Below are a list of what we do and our capabilities.

Watson Construction Company Inc.'s objective in all pipeline projects consist of Supervision, New Mexico and Texas One Calls, moving in equipment, run line locators to locate lines, spotting lines with Hydro Excavators, fence gaps, right of way, ditch, dig cross lines, string skids, string pipe, set up and bend, welding, sand blast and coat field joints, road bores, lower in, tie ends, pad with soil separator, backfill, hydro test, final tie ends, clean up, reseed right of way, close fence gaps, clean up, paint, and move out.

Watson Construction Company Inc. is fully equipped to install all steel pipe sizes. Welded or zap lock including mainlining, fabrication of valve settings above and below ground, launchers, and receivers, and specialized fabrication. All welders and technicians are certified to comply with specific codes and specifications required by customers, such as API, ASME, API5L AND API 1104, B31.4, and B31.3 severe, and Stainless Steel procedures. All tests and certifications are maintained and renewed on a 6-month or annual basis according to customer’s preference.

Installation of PE pipe is a capability of WCC. All fusing techs are certified annually, with certification papers supplied to customers. We have capabilities of standard butt fusion, saddle fusion, socket fusion, and electro fusion. We have the necessary personnel and equipment to install all sizes of PE pipes.

Another service WCC offers is the installation of the newer higher pressure fiber lines, including Flex Pipe, Ploy Flow, and Poly flex and Fiber spar. Our trained technicians are certified on annual basis. We can also provide the necessary equipment required for the installations.

Fiberglass low-pressure and high-pressure lines are another of our capabilities. We offer trained and certified personnel who specialize in the installation of all sizes of fiberglass pipelines, including Centron, Starr, A O Smith, and Ameron brands. All necessary equipment and tools are supplied.

PVC plastic pipe is another of our capabilities in low- or high-pressure systems.

Equipment that is provided by WCC Dozers, Mulchers, Ditchers, Motor graders, Side booms, Backhoes, Bore Machines, Hydro Vac Excavators, Track hoes, Sandblasting rigs, Fusing Machines 1” – 24”, Loaders, Forklifts, Padding machines, etc.

Watson Construction Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 1114
Hobbs, New Mexico 88260

Danny Watson
(575) 631-3482

Charlie Madrid
Vice President
(575) 602-1927

Rey Hernandez
Superintendent of Operations
(575) 602-1931

Nat Rendon
(575) 602-1926

Office: (575) 391-0537
Fax: (575) 391-0540

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